Child Safety – Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is a fun and active night for children and parents alike. On Halloween, streets become more crowded with pedestrians including small children who may be hard to see. It’s easy to become distracted by all of the fantastic costumes … Continued

Dogs in Cars – Tips for Travelling with Pets

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Dog is a man and woman’s best friend so of course it’s only natural to want to take your best friend everywhere. Picture you and your dog taking a Sunday drive on Route 321 with nothing but sunshine and hills … Continued

TBT – 3 reasons we miss the Chevy S10

Let’s face it, small pickups like the Chevy S10 were a big hit in the 1990’s. Strap on your fanny pack, retro sunglasses, turn on some cassette tunes, and physically roll the windows down in your S10. That was the … Continued

Spring Mountain Resort Hosts Exclusive Stingray Performance Driving School

The 2014 Corvette Stingray is not just your ordinary car. Once you put that into your garage, you become a totally different driver. With so much power, performance, and history housed under one hood – it’s no wonder Chevrolet is … Continued

Potholes are no match for a Chevrolet

Our roads have seen a tough winter full of snow, sleet, ice, and salt and the forecast shows it’s not over quite yet. After a wicked winter, we’re likely to see more potholes form than ever before. We all know … Continued

Second Annual Seat Check Saturday – Child Seat Safety Tips

Each year, children’s lives are saved with the use of child safety restraints. Proper usage of these safety seats can ensure more lives are saved and that our children are protected every time we start up our vehicle. Fred Caldwell … Continued

Summer Road Trip Tips

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In honor of our recent Summer Sweepstakes contest, we wanted to provide you with some helpful summer road trip tips. Road trips are fun, exciting, and full of memories, but to avoid any major roadside setbacks, remember the following before, … Continued