Chevrolet,, and David Mazouz Team Up for “Brake It Down” Campaign

  Brake It Down Earlier this summer, Chevrolet and teamed up to help educate young drivers on what constitutes good driving habits — and poor ones. To do this, they developed the “Brake It Down” campaign, which allows young … Continued

G80 Locking Differential Makes Chevy Trucks More Capable

Chevrolet pickup trucks are known for getting the job done. The American carmaker’s pickup lineup is so capable thanks to its automatic locking rear axle, known as the G80 locking differential. This innovative axle is available on the majority of … Continued

Teach Safe Driving Habits with New Chevrolet Malibu Teen Driver System

Chevrolet has just made teaching your teenager safe driving habits significantly easier. The American carmaker recently introduced the brand-new Teen Driver system, a program that helps teens become better drivers. This new safety system is only available in the all-new … Continued

Child Safety – Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is a fun and active night for children and parents alike. On Halloween, streets become more crowded with pedestrians including small children who may be hard to see. It’s easy to become distracted by all of the fantastic costumes … Continued

GM Foundation and Safe Kids Develop “Teens in Cars”

There’s a superhero in our midst. Since 1997, General Motors and Safe Kids Worldwide have teamed up to save the world one child at a time starting with the Buckle Up Program. The Buckle Up program focuses on these four … Continued