Chevrolet,, and David Mazouz Team Up for “Brake It Down” Campaign

Brake It Down


Brake It Down

Earlier this summer, Chevrolet and teamed up to help educate young drivers on what constitutes good driving habits — and poor ones. To do this, they developed the “Brake It Down” campaign, which allows young drivers to text “BRAKE” to 38383.


Now through September 15, texting this prompt will start a quiz that helps teens learn about safe driving habits. The quiz will offer customized results to help young drivers improve, and, just for participating, the drivers will be entered to win a $5,000 scholarship.


Spread The Word

In an effort to get more teens involved in the campaign, Chevy and turned to the breakout star of the TV show “Gotham” —David Mazouz. Mazouz portrays a young Bruce Wayne on the show and has plenty of fans in the teen category that Chevy and hope to target with their messaging.


Mazouz gets the word out about the campaign in a short video that shows four different types of bad drivers, including Late Date, Daredevil, Chatty Cathy, and Karaoke Champ. Mazouz infuses humor into this important campaign, making it more accessible to young drivers. You can watch the entire video here on YouTube.


If you’re a young driver, don’t forget to take the quiz by September 15!


For more ways to keep your vehicle safe, contact us at Fred Caldwell Chevrolet. You can also schedule a service appointment, to help keep your auto functioning smoothly, whether you or your young driver takes the wheel.

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