The 2019 Chevy Silverado Interior Gets Upgrades

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The 2019 Chevy Silverado interior is getting some upgrades. In addition to its rugged exterior, offering a tall ride height and improved capabilities, the 2019 model year is set to get a more accessible touchscreen display, gauges, and more. We can’t wait to see the 2019 Silverado once it hits the roads in the near future.

According to Automotive News, the interior will get a vertical instrument panel to help improve visibility and keep drivers alert. The new Silverado will also have a large touchscreen over buttons so that you can easily access media and the climate control system, while a range of trims will allow for both premium cloth, vinyl, and leather materials.

“GM is expected to launch the redesigned Silverado and GMC Sierra in the second half of 2018. The company is temporarily shutting each of its pickup plants for several weeks in the third quarter to retool, a clear indication that the next generation is drawing closer,” said editors at Auto News.

While the 2019 Silverado is not set to be introduced for roughly a year, it is already expected that the exterior will get a twin exhaust system to improve its athletic appeal. The interior also gets a 110-volt outlet, USB ports, and a 12-volt DC outlet among other things. We can’t wait to see the 2019 Silverado once it’s released. To see the current Silverado, stop by Fred Caldwell Chevrolet today.

Chevrolet Silverado Interior
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