South Carolina Road Trips to Take this Year

South Carolina Road Trips in Your Chevy TahoeThe new Chevrolet Tahoe is perfect for road trips, as it has space, the latest entertainment options, and a comfortable design. The new Tahoe is great for South Carolina road trips, from the beauty of the coast to the wonder of discovering lesser-known destination. Read on to learn more.

According to Road Trip USA, one of the best destinations in all of South Carolina is Myrtle Beach, which is arguably one of the finest vacation spots in the entire country. This resort area gets a record 13 million visitors annually, and it has plenty of unique places to eat, comfortable places to stay, and exciting means of entertainment. The beach is an ideal getaway for just about everyone—just be sure you wear your sunscreen and drink plenty of water.

South Carolina Road Trips - Myrtle Beach
South Carolina Road Trips – Myrtle Beach

Next, visit Georgetown. This one-time Spanish settlement dates back to 1526, making it the first European outpost in North America. There is a local Rice Museum that may be of interest to those with an eye for unique history, while a number of seafood restaurants are considered among the best in the region. Georgetown is perfect for history buffs, but anyone can enjoy the quaint city for its charms.

Finally, stop by Huntington Beach State Park. Located just south of Myrtle Beach, Huntington is a whopping 2,500 acres. Formed from the Huntington estate, this location has a beach, campground, and even a castle called the Atalaya.

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Take the 2017 Tahoe on your next South Carolina Road Trip!
Take the 2017 Tahoe on your next South Carolina Road Trip!

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