Chevrolet helps Drive the Country Dream

2013 Chevrolet TraverseChevy trucks have long been known to be a select ride for country folk. Chevrolet’s roots with country music date back many years and they are proud to be a part of this culture. Chevy is now doing one better in the realm of country music with their latest contribution to the Country Music Association (CMA) and music students near Nashville.

Chevrolet is an integral part of CMA’s “Keep the Music Playing” campaign. “Keep the Music Playing” is a campaign that helps music education in greater Nashville. The program helps foster children to become talented musicians in the 140-school district surrounding Nashville.

Aside from supporting the campaign, Chevrolet recently donated a 2013 Chevy Traverse to help transport instruments, equipment and technicians from instrument repair shops back into the school district.

CMA, Chevrolet, and the “Keep the Music Playing” campaign help children’s dreams of becoming a country singer stay alive. It’s clear that country music exhibits a passion for Chevys, just as Chevrolet has a passion for country music.

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