A Chevy Silverado Hybrid? Exploring Green Technologies

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Although it might sound hard to believe, Chevy has actually developed several versions of the Silverado Hybrid. While many of these hybrid pickups were prototypes, the 2016 Silverado E-Assist was sold in limited numbers in California. So, with increasing awareness about the effects of vehicles on the environment, Chevy has decided to invest more time and money in eco-friendly vehicles—including trucks. We can’t wait to see these models in action.

Just the Facts: Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid History

The Chevy Silverado Hybrid pickup was introduced in 2004 in limited numbers. It was the first hybrid truck on the market, as well as the first hybrid GM vehicle. This model had a 42-volt battery system paired with three separate 12-volt batteries in the rear. According to GM Authority, this model, though relatively simple mechanically, was a true breakthrough conceptually.

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The new E-Assist is perhaps just the start of a new trend. “Silverado already leads the full-size truck segment in V8 fuel economy,” said Sandor Piszar, marketing director for Chevrolet Trucks. “For customers and small-business owners who use their trucks for more urban driving, the addition of E-Assist can further reduce their fuel costs without sacrificing the utility they expect in a full-size truck.”

Whether Chevy changes its whole fleet to eco-friendly models or just offers an extended lineup, we’re sure drivers will be happy behind the wheel. When it comes to green technology, Fred Caldwell Chevy is truly leading the industry. Our dealership recently took home the Green Dealer Award for our recent efforts in eco-friendly technology. If you stop by our dealership you will find an electric car charging station, a solar power energy system, and our staff following green iniatives such as proper car battery disposal and oil recycling. We’re proud to be labeled a Green Dealer for 2016 and are ready to continue the trend in the future!

Fred Caldwell Chevrolet earned the 2016 Green Dealer Program Award


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