Chevrolet Now Offering New Trailering Camera System for Silverado Trucks

Rearview cameras have been a hit on new cars and trucks in the last 5 years. However, when hauling something with your Silverado, it can be tough to maneuver. No matter how confident a truck’s strong engine and smooth chassis make you feel, not being able to see behind you can still create some uneasiness.

That’s why Chevrolet is now offering a new trailering camera system available for all 2014-2016 model year Silverado HD trucks, including the Silverado 2500 and Silverado 3500, and for all Silverado 1500 trucks equipped with the trailer-towing mirrors.

The Echomaster system is designed to help eliminate blind spots when towing. It adds two side cameras into the housing for the side-view mirrors to improve sightlines along the sides of the truck and trailer; when the driver activates the turn signal, the view for the corresponding side is automatically displayed on the center screen inside the cockpit.

In addition, a rear backup camera—ideally mounted on the top, rearmost edge of the trailer—automatically transmits a feed of the view behind the trailer when going in reverse. The feed can also be manually brought up by pressing and holding the radio Home button for five seconds.

For those of you hauling precious cargo worthy of keeping an eye on, an optional fourth camera can be installed inside the trailer. Any of the 4 camera views can be turned on at any time on on the radio screen.

Later on, even more cameras will be added to the system, including one mounted on the center brake light to assist with a gooseneck trailer or to view the contents in the bed of your truck.

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See how the Trailering Camera System works here:

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