Chevy Equinox is Made in Part by Recycled Plastic Water Bottles

At Fred Caldwell Chevrolet, we pride ourselves on being eco-friendly—in fact, we just recently installed a new solar power energy system that is helping us go green more than ever before.

That’s why we love the fact that the Chevrolet Equinox is made in part by recycled plastic water bottles. Every year, Americans use millions of plastic water bottles and recycle only about 23%. Many landfills are overflowing with them.

As part of its efforts to achieve zero waste, all five of General Motors’ global facilities recycle their water bottles, which are turned into air filtration components and fabric insulation used to cover the Chevrolet Equinox engine in order to reduce noise.

Meanwhile, surplus recycled materials are used elsewhere. The air filtration components are installed in GM facilities to help protect air quality, while 24,000 yards of insulation have already been donated to make 6,500 coats for homeless communities.

It’s that kind of commitment to the environment and to our communities that makes us proud to represent Chevrolet at Fred Caldwell Chevrolet!

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