Finding The One: How to Compare Multiple Cars

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How to Compare Multiple Cars - Chevrolet Family lineupYou’ve decided it’s time for a new car. Now what? Deciding on “the one” can feel overwhelming if you aren’t sure exactly what you want. Here are some tips to compare several cars and narrow down your options to the best fit for your lifestyle.

How to compare multiple cars:

  1. Decide what you want. Does your lifestyle demand off-road capability, or everyday efficiency? Once you decide on the body style of the vehicle you want, narrow down the options based on your budget. A fully-loaded Chevrolet Tahoe might be out of reach, but a well-appointed Chevy Equinox could be a contender. Once you’ve decided on a few options that fit within your budget and needs, it’s time to compare.
  2. Go online. How did we survive before the internet? We can’t remember either. Hop online and research packages, trim levels, engine options, etc. There are several websites that will do this for you, including com and Rule out any vehicles that don’t meet your needs or wants.
  3. Read reviews and ask around. Make sure you read reviews, both on the cars you’re interested in, and on the dealerships in your area. When researching your car look for comments about reliability, comfort, and functionality.
  4. Test drive. Once you’ve decided on two or three options, it’s time to test drive each one. Getting behind the wheel will offer insight you can’t get online. How does the car drive? Is it comfortable? Is the design practical? Does it fit your gear or car seats?

After the test drive, you should have a good idea which car you can see yourself in. When you’re ready for a test drive, stop by Fred Caldwell Chevrolet!

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