How to Protect Your Car’s Interior from the Sun

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How to Protect your Car's interiorSummer may be winding down, but temperatures are still reaching summer-time highs. Beat the heat and protect your car’s interior with these simple tips and tricks.

Every Day Decisions

  • Park smart – Always choose a shaded parking spot or parking garage when you have the choice. This will reduce your car’s exposure to the sun and other elements, keeping your car cooler and reduce or eliminate the sun’s effects on your car’s interior materials.
  • Crack the windows – Whenever there’s no rain in the forecast, you should consider cracking your windows to allow fresh air to circulate the car. This will help keep your car a few degrees cooler, ultimately allowing you to cool the car down more quickly.
  • Use window shades – Window shades are another efficient way to block the sun’s harmful rays from harming your car’s interior. Put them up every time you park.

Long Term Care

  • Window tinting – Tinting your windows goes a long way in reducing the sun’s long term effects on your car’s interior. Not only does window tinting help block out harmful UV rays while the car is parked, but allows your car to be more efficient on the go.
  • Use seat conditioner on leather seats – Seat conditioner helps to restore and protect leather seats. Remember a little goes a long way!
  • Wax your car – remember that your car’s paint job can also be affected by the sun’s rays. Applying wax regularly will help to keep your car’s paint looking like new.
  • Wipe the dashboard – The dashboard accumulates dirt, dust, and debris – especially during the summer months when your windows are more likely to be open. Use a soft, microfiber cloth to wipe it down weekly.

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