Stolen 1979 Corvette Reunited with Owner

This story, which is 36 years in the making, serves as a good reminder to always lock your car doors. George Talley only owned his 1979 Corvette for a few years before it went missing 33 years ago on Jefferson Avenue in Detroit. Incredibly, the stolen 1979 Corvette C3 was relocated last year – in Mississippi – at which time Talley received possibly the most surprising phone call of his life.

Astonished by the recovery, Talley sent a letter to Mark Reuss, President of General Motors North America, detailing his incredible fortune.

GM executives quickly took action by taking the car into their possession with every intent to completely restore Talley’s long-lost prized possession. With the help of the GM Heritage Center and Autometric Body Shop in Center Line, Michigan, the Corvette underwent a full restoration including a new paint job and restored parts.

Talley was recently invited to the shop to see the progress, although the final reveal didn’t happen until the Woodward Dream Cruise. We wish George Talley many, many years of care-free cruising in his (now) classic Corvette.


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