The Pros and Cons of Dropping the Top: A Convertible Buying Guide

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What Convertible should you buy? | Convertible Buying GuideIf you are considering purchasing a shiny new convertible, you’re probably already weighing the benefits and drawbacks to a lifestyle with wind in your hair, breeze in your face driving. While the benefits are undeniable on a sunny summer day, it’s important to consider safety, daily commutes, and less-than-ideal weather conditions before jumping behind the wheel. Here are some tips on making an educated decision on your next convertible.

Be Prepared for Weather

Today’s convertibles are designed to function in any conditions (just avoid putting the top down in the rain). Just like any rear-wheel-drive coupe, it’s necessary to be cautious in rain, sleet, and snow. If you live in an area with exceptional amounts of snowfall during the winter, you might consider adding an SUV or more capable winter vehicle to your collection. Also keep in mind that while sunny days are ideal for dropping the top and taking full advantage of your convertible, we recommend keeping some kind of sun protection (like a hat or scarf) handy.

Hard Versus Soft Top Convertible

Hard tops tend to be costlier than soft tops, but they offer better protection from the elements and reduce in-cabin noise. On the other hand, soft tops are less costly, but buyers should expect that the cabin will be noisier on the road, and could require more maintenance during its lifetime.

Convertible Safety

When test driving a convertible, be sure to pay close attention to the blind spot, as visibility tends to be the biggest safety issue for drivers. Driver assist technologies (like blind spot monitoring) are well-worth purchasing. Buyers should also ask about roll bars and roll safety ratings to ensure their protection in the event of an accident.

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