National Corvette Museum Sinkhole Will Be Recreated

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National Corvette Museum Sinkhole - Thunderdome AttractionIt looks like the National Corvette Museum is going to experience yet another sinkhole—except this one will be a new tourist attraction. After a sinkhole engulfed eight important Corvettes last year, the museum saw a huge boost in tourism. Though the sinkhole seemed to be a source of income, it actually cost more to keep it around, than to do the repairs. To offer consumers what they want, the museum has decided make a new attraction that allows visitors to experience the natural disaster firsthand.

This National Corvette Museum sinkhole attraction, which will be called the Thunderdome—an intimidating name if we’ve ever heard one—will allow 15 people at a time to watch an imitation of the sinkhole devouring the eight Corvettes. The attraction will immerse visitors in the experience, allowing them to view the disaster from an artificial, underground cave.

The National Corvette Museum is hoping to open this new attraction in the fall. If you’re heading north this fall, be sure to stop into Bowling Green and check out the interactive exhibit! We’ll be posting updates to be sure to check back to Fred Caldwell Chevrolet in the future for more information about the Corvette Museum—or stop in to our showroom to see the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette!

National Corvette Museum Sinkhole - Thunderdome Attraction

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