Chevrolet Bolt Model Name Will Stay

Chevrolet Bolt Model Name will stayChevrolet is ready to take the electric vehicle market by storm—and they’re sticking with the Bolt name to do it. After conducting two consumer studies on using the Chevrolet Bolt model name, which the American carmaker was hesitant about, Chevrolet has decided that it will keep the name that is so similar to the Volt plug-in hybrid.

“The decision is made. The name won’t be changed,” said Tim Mahoney, head of marketing for Chevrolet. By sticking with the Chevrolet Bolt model name, the American carmaker believes consumers will associate the electric vehicle to the Chevrolet brand with ease.

Chevrolet’s electric vehicle will offer a 200-mile range for a price tag of around $30,000 after incentives, which is significantly lower price than its competitors. Production for the Bolt will begin at Chevrolet’s Orion Assembly plant in Michigan, allowing the vehicle to arrive on dealer lots as early as 2017.

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