Chevrolet Introduces Trax with Hidden Gems Marketing Campaign

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Find Hidden Gems in Rock Hill in your new Chevy Trax
There are few cars in the industry that can get around the city with ease, while still providing plenty of cargo room and leg space. The Chevrolet Trax just happens to be one of them. To highlight the Trax’s ability to assist you in your urban adventures, Chevrolet has begun the Hidden Gems Marketing Campaign, a new campaign that shows just how easily the Trax can take you on your next urban excursion.

“Trax is the perfect small SUV for urban discovery,” said Steve Majoros, Chevrolet director of marketing for cars and crossovers. “With its car-like maneuverability and SUV capability, in addition to OnStar 4G LTE with a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, Trax gives you the tools to discover and share what the city has to offer.”

The campaign seeks the help of twenty social media influencers in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles as they explore their cities, discovering hidden gems throughout. These influencers’ itineraries will then become three long-form videos that showcase the hidden gems of New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

If you’re interested in finding your local hidden gems, and need the vehicle to do so, look no further than Fred Caldwell Chevrolet!

Explore the city's hidden gems in the Trax

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