Spring Cleaning in the Fall – Car Care Tips

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Spring Cleaning in the Fall - Car Care TipsIt’s always the right time to get in the habit of keeping your car clean. Cleaning the inside and outside of your vehicle can extend the life of your car as well as keep in good shape if you ever decide to trade up to a new Chevrolet.

Organizing your Trunk – Summer is gone so there is no need for the beach bag or volleyball net in the back of your car any more. Fall activities consist of football practices and games, shopping, and preparing for the upcoming holidays so make sure you have ample trunk space for all of life’s greatest moments.

Vacuuming your Car – It is a beautiful time of year but with the weather changing and falling leaves, you never know what could end up in your car. Before it gets too chilly, take your car to the nearest car wash and use their high-powered vac to get out all the crunched up leaves and mud before salt stains and snow make it even worse.

Fall Maintenance – As the air gets cooler, your car will be howling for a tune-up. Get the fluids checked, brakes and oil changed, and make sure no other mileage maintenance is needed. Our service drive can get you all set up just in case winter rears its head in the coming months.

Spring isn’t the only time to keep your car in nice running order. Bi-yearly or even quarterly checkups and clean ups help keep your Chevrolet in good working order and prepared for the long haul.

Spring Cleaning in the Fall - Car Care Tips

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