Chevrolet advances SUV Safety Technology

SUV Safety Technology - Tahoe and Suburban Safety
In-dash screen transforms into Rearview Camera adding more eyes to the Tahoe and Suburban

Safety Technology features are becoming a hot commodity in new cars. As Chevrolet keeps churning out new models like the 2015 Tahoe and 2015 Suburban, they are looking deeper than seatbelts and airbags. While the Tahoe and Suburban each feature 7 standard airbags including a class-exclusive front and center airbag, they both also offer a slew of available driver assistance technologies.

Safety Alert Seat

Both the brand new Tahoe and Suburban offer a Safety Alert Seat that utilizes directional vibrations to alert drivers of a potential safety threat. If there is a hazard to the front or rear of the vehicle, the seat triggers pulses that alert the driver of the danger.

Side Blind Zone Alert

Never be blindsided again while driving the Tahoe and Suburban. The available Side Blind Zone Alert uses radar sensors to sense other vehicles that may be in the “blind zone” area. If the sensors detect a vehicle, an illuminated alert signal will show in the rearview mirror. Once the driver employs the turn signal, the symbol will flash signaling the driver not to change lanes.

Rear Vision Camera

The backup camera comes standard on all models of the 2015 Tahoe and Suburban. The camera displays a generous view of the rear of the SUV to help drivers locate potential hazards in the rear of the vehicle. It also comes in handy when trying to hitch a trailer to the back of one of these tough SUVs.

Other SUV Safety technology features include available OnStar® packages, Automatic Braking, and Adaptive Cruise Control. All of these technologies are there to help give the driver and extra set of ears, eyes, and senses on the road. To learn more about these technologies, visit Fred Caldwell Chevrolet and test drive the new 2015 Tahoe or 2015 Suburban today.

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