Dogs in Cars – Tips for Travelling with Pets

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Travelling with pets - dogs in carsDog is a man and woman’s best friend so of course it’s only natural to want to take your best friend everywhere. Picture you and your dog taking a Sunday drive on Route 321 with nothing but sunshine and hills in your rearview mirror. There are some things to think about when bringing your pets along for the ride. Here are a few tips that Chevrolet endorses for when you are travelling with pets:

  • NEVER leave your pet alone inside your car – A hot car is a deadly one. Leaving your pet inside your car on a hot day is considered a cruel animal practice. Even on a brisk, 78-degree day, the temperature inside the car can reach 120 degrees in just minutes. If you ever notice a pet in distress, simply signal your OnStar in your Chevrolet to alert the authorities.
  • Keep all foodstuffs out of reach – Some human foods can be dangerous to pets. If you have kids that like to drop crumbs or if you’re constantly eating on the run, make sure you vacuum for letting your pup come along for the ride.
  • Use a Pet Carrier – While dogs and other pets enjoy the freedom inside the car, it is the safest bet to put them in a pet carrier. Cats can become car sick if left out to roam and some dogs could decide to use your leather seat as a chew toy. Also, in the unlikely event of an accident, the pet is much more likely to survive if inside a carrier.

Chevrolet offers plenty of options within their cars and SUVs to make travelling with pets even easier. The Chevy Tahoe and other Chevrolet SUVs have an optional cargo organizer to store leashes, toys, and treats. The automatic fold down rear seat option also make it easier to travel with a cage or large pet carrier. For more dogs in cars safety tips visit PETA or your local animal shelter.

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