Cruzin’ to 3 million – Global Chevy Cruze Sales exceed the mark

Chevy Cruze sales exceed 3 millionThree million cars sold is not an easy feat but the Chevy Cruze has done it with ease. Just 6 years after its release and only 16 months since its 2 millionth sale, Chevy Cruze sales exceeded 3 million units in August.

The Cruze is now officially the best-selling Chevrolet model across the world. It is sold in more than 181 countries in 3 different body styles including a sedan, five-door hatchback, and station wagon.

Globally, different hues of white seem to be the favorite paint color but U.S drivers prefer Black Granite. U.S. drivers have the choice between 3 different shades of white, 2 shades of red, 2 shades of blue, black, silver and rainforest green. Although there’s 3 million out on the roads, customization still allows customers to stand out among the crowd.

We’re proud to house the Cruze that has won over 80 awards and now has a diesel option that achieves industry best efficiency. Every year, Chevy’s best-selling vehicle keeps getting better and better. What do you think will be the next big thing for the Cruze?

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