How to Change Your Oil – Car Care Tip

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How to Change Your Oil - Fred Caldwell Chevy Service tipGetting your oil changed is one of the top car maintenance items that keep your Chevrolet in good working order. Many factors go into a quality oil change including time between changes, type of oil and filter, and how you go about changing it. The technicians at Fred Caldwell Chevrolet are trained and certified in Chevrolet service but knowing how to change your oil is good knowledge to have as a Chevrolet driver.

Here is a step by step guide on how to change your oil:

  1.  Park your Chevy on a level surface. Raise the front of your vehicle using a jack and support the car using jack stands.
  2. Open the hood and locate and remove the oil dipstick. This helps the flow of oil while the old oil is draining.
  3. Crawl under the car and find the engine’s oil reservoir and oil drain plug. If you need help, see your local Chevrolet dealer or find your owner’s manual for reference. The oil drain plug will be a long bolt head on the edge of the pan.
  4. Position an oil pan underneath the oil drain plug outlet. Make sure the oil pan is big enough to hold the entire volume of oil from the engine. Loosen the drain plug using a wrench or 6-pt. socket. Allow several minutes for old oil to drain into pan. Note: Oil will drain rapidly and may be hot.
  5. Wipe the oil drain plug and check out the condition of both the plug and the reservoir. If you have any issues with the plug be sure to order a new oil drain plug from our parts department. Once the oil has finished draining, put the drain plug back into the oil reservoir and tighten it using the proper wrench. Leave the drain pan underneath to catch any excess oil from removing the filter.
  6. Find the oil filter under the hood and remove it slowly and carefully. Make sure the filter gasket comes off with the filter. Excess oil will spill out during the stage but try your best to hold it over the oil pan.
  7. Add a dab of new oil on the new filter before installing it. Install the new filter gently by spinning the filter until it is sealed.
  8. Open the oil fill cap and using a funnel, pour the correct amount of new oil. See your owner’s manual for the recommended grade, specification, and oil amount.  Twist back on the oil fill cap after you are finished.
  9. Turn on your car. Run the engine for about 30 seconds to circulate the new oil and then shut the car off to check your work. Check out the car for oil leaks. If there are no leaks, shut the car off, close the hood, and lower the car from the jacks.
  10. You have just changed your own oil!

The oil change process may differ for every vehicle. Be sure to check your owner’s manual and get in contact with your Chevrolet Service Department to help with any questions you might have. It is always better to have your car serviced by Chevrolet Certified Technicians but we would love to assist in any way we can so stop by and see us!

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