GM Foundation and Safe Kids Develop “Teens in Cars”

Teens in Cars encourages teens to buckle upThere’s a superhero in our midst. Since 1997, General Motors and Safe Kids Worldwide have teamed up to save the world one child at a time starting with the Buckle Up Program. The Buckle Up program focuses on these four areas: Child Passenger Safety, Heatstroke Awareness and Prevention, Frontovers and backovers Prevention, and Get Ready to Drive. Now they program is growing to include a new area – “Teens in Cars”.

The GM Foundation recently collected information from teens all over the United States to help start a new focus of the Buckle Up Program. Throughout the survey they found that the leading cause of death among teenagers is car accidents. In half of these crashes, the teen was not wearing a seatbelt.

Using these statistics, the GM Foundation took the report a step further and asked teens tough questions such as how often they text or talk on the phone and why they don’t buckle their seatbelt. Safe Kids Worldwide has been tweeting the astonishing statistics and infographics and has already received national attention.


Join the conversation on Twitter by following Fred Caldwell Chevy, GM Foundation, and Safe Kids Worldwide. Join the movement by always buckling your seatbelt and encouraging any passengers to also buckle up.

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