TBT – 3 reasons we miss the Chevy S10

Chevy S10 - Small Pickup for the ages

Let’s face it, small pickups like the Chevy S10 were a big hit in the 1990’s. Strap on your fanny pack, retro sunglasses, turn on some cassette tunes, and physically roll the windows down in your S10. That was the life. With the new Chevy Colorado coming out this fall with a little more junk in the trunk, it has us nostalgic for the 90’s and all of the fun times we had in our Chevy S10.

Great for Dates – The Chevy S10 was the perfect vehicle to pick up your girl for a nice night out at a drive in movie. The bed was just big enough to fit a few comfy blankets to relax under the stars while You’ve Got Mail rang through the car stereo.

Perfect for Camping Trips – The adventures were endless in the Chevy S10 Baja Edition. This 4WD edition of the S10 came equipped with a suspension package, Baja decals, and a roll bar with off-road lights to help lead you to your campsite at the top of the hill. Not to mention it was a great addition to the family.

Practicality was basically the S10’s middle name – Truck lover or not, Chevrolet made a S10 for everyone. If the small pickup truck somehow did not appeal to you, the S10 also came in a Blazer version. The Blazer made it easier to haul passengers and you had the choice between 2 or 4 doors. Same drive as the S10 but with a little more cargo space.

If you are still nostalgic for the Chevy S10 you can search for a used Chevy S10 in Charlotte or you can head on down to Brazil where they are still producing the S10 with a FlexPower engine. Until then, we’re waiting on the edge of the tailgate for the 2015 Colorado.

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