Natural Gas Impala Pricing Announced

Bi-fuel engine technologies started in the Silverado, and now Chevrolet is equipping the brand new 2015 Impala with CNG-capabilities. We announced last year that Chevrolet was planning a Bi-Fuel Impala, and now we’ve got the proof, and the pricing.

CNG, which stands for compressed natural gas, will allow the redesigned sedan to run both on gasoline and a CNG tank. The natural gas tank will hold an equivalent of 7.8 gallons of gasoline and will be mounted in the trunk. This should equal out to a 150 city mile range running solely on natural gas.

If the new Impala uses both gas and natural gas, we predict the sedan will reach 500 city miles between the two tanks. The Impala was designed to run on natural gas first, and then switch to the gasoline tank automatically once the CNG tank is empty.

The CNG technology will be coupled with the 3.6-liter V6 engine. Drivers can choose to fill the engine with natural gas or standard gas with the push of a button the dash.

The 2015 CNG-capable Impala will go on sale in late fall and the LS trim will start at $38,210. It will also be available in the more luxurious LT trim. Check back on our blog for more information on the 2015 CNG Impala and don’t forget to check out the Bi-Fuel Silverado!

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