Celebrating the Most “Made In America” Car – Chevrolet Corvette

As we prepare for Memorial Day weekend, we can’t help but relish in the fact that under our roof lays the most “Made in America” car. Cars, especially hometown brands, can be symbols of national pride. We are proud to say that the Chevy Corvette is the most “Made in America” car according to a study by American University’s Kogod School of Business.

The Corvette shared the title with the Ford F-150. However, General Motor’s Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia, and Chevy Traverse (all built on the same platform) shared second place as well. It’s clear to see that General Motors has America’s heart in mind.

The study ranks vehicles based on the location of each manufacturer’s headquarters, design team, research facilities, where the vehicle is actually manufactured, and where the profit goes after the vehicle is sold.

Also, here’s a fun fact for you. If 75% of a vehicle’s parts are manufactured in the U.S. or Canada, it is considered a domestic product according to the American Automotive Labeling Act. So to get your hands on the most “Made in America” car, visit Fred Caldwell Chevrolet to test drive a brand new Corvette.

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