What’s it like to drive a classic before it’s a classic?

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Corvette ZR1Classic cars are popular among collectors, antique shoppers and as family traditions. Classic car shows are social events for car enthusiasts and anyone who can appreciate a well-built car. But what would it be like to drive a classic of the future? How do we know which of today’s cars will become a classic for years to come? MotorTrend offers up their top 10 picks for future cars and how a car becomes a classic.

MotorTrend categorizes a classic car as an automobile that carries significance within the industry, employs both style and power, and is only produced few and far between.

The 1957 Chevy Bel Air is a perfect example of a classic car. It is a two-door hardtop with a small-block V8 engine. The full-size Chevy carried one of the first V8 engines (significance and power), was designed like a convertible without a detachable roof (style), and by the end of the 50’s was already considered a premium model (rare). The ’57 Bel Air is now a favorite among classic car collectors around the world.

 Chevy has been known to produce classics of the past and no doubt, classics of the future. MotorTrend ranks the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 as one of the top 10 classic cars of the future. They even refer to it in the article as “one of the best Corvettes ever made.” It is the first Corvette to reach 200 miles per hour and this American juggernaut has beaten out other countries’ roadsters to claim the performance and speed double crown.  It’s rare because it of the price tag and Chevy can assure enthusiasts that it is one of a kind.

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