Potholes are no match for a Chevrolet

Avoiding Potholes in your ChevroletOur roads have seen a tough winter full of snow, sleet, ice, and salt and the forecast shows it’s not over quite yet. After a wicked winter, we’re likely to see more potholes form than ever before. We all know these road ruins can damage our cars from suspension mishaps to flat tires. While avoiding every pothole isn’t an option, Chevrolet engineers are doing their best in creating vehicles durable enough to handle rocky roads.

Chevrolet is running durability tests that go beyond your everyday pothole. They are examining effects of driving through construction sites and other rocky road terrain you might take on in your Chevrolet. Chevrolet is even engineering potholes on their research grounds to help aid the tests. The manufactured potholes range from standard bumps to vehicle jolting holes.

Chevrolet has used this research to update chassis and suspensions in the 2014 Impala and Malibu. These updates help improve weight transfer and keep the wheels firmly on the ground when hitting a pothole. Chevrolet also takes these results into account when designing tires and wheels for all Chevrolets.

In addition to the Chevrolet sedans getting an update, the Silverado went beyond simple testing to make sure the pickup is suitable for all truck drivers. The Silverado endured more than 13 million test miles of durability testing before its release late last year.

Chevrolet models are engineered with advanced technologies and extensive durability testings. To test drive a durable Chevrolet to take command over potholes, visit Fred Caldwell Chevrolet.

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