Warm up your Cruze with Chevy’s RemoteLink App

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RemoteLink App allows Remote Start in Inclement Weather14We’ve experienced some unusual weather in South Carolina as of late including some brutal temps and a couple inches of snow. Although it’s a little out of the ordinary, it’s nice to know that your Chevy Cruze has your back even in the most unlikely unfolding of events.

The Chevy Cruze (and other popular Chevrolet models) comes equipped with OnStar. Users with OnStar can download a RemoteLink App to keep tabs on your vehicle even from a distance. Most Chevrolet owners in the South used this app to start their vehicle when the temperatures got frigid.

RemoteLink reported that on January 7th – 200,000 requests were sent through RemoteLink by GM owners. Chevy Cruze owners used this app more than owners of any other GM vehicle.

A Chevrolet paired with the RemoteLink app through OnStar is a match made in heaven. So we have to ask – how do you like the RemoteLink app?

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