Flying Car Dreams become a reality in the Chevy Camaro Z/28

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Camaro Z/28 is track tested - garage approvedMany historians, movies, and books predicted we’d be traveling around the world in hovercrafts by now. Marty McFly even believed so in Back to the Future. Although we are still without hovercrafts, we are seeing some pretty powerful and amazing cars flying off of the Chevrolet line.  The Camaro Z/28 is definitely one of those stunning vehicles and was recently caught flying off the track.

The experts call it – Performance Traction Management – and it’s a system that helps maintain a car’s full power and momentum delivering faster lap times even if the car’s tires leave the track. The “flying car” system integrates Traction Control, Active Handling Systems and chassis mode selection for a track experience like no other.

PTM differs from mainstay handling systems because usually when a car’s tires leave the road, the system reduces torque to get the car back on the road. But the made for track PTM has speed and performance in its sights and it’s not slowing down just because it catches a little air time.

While the flying Camaro Z/28 is only available on the track, Fred Caldwell Chevrolet has 2014 Camaro’s in stock right now. Stop by the dealership to picture yourself in the driver’s seat of one of those bad boys.

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