Chevrolet Suburban is a Top Tailgater

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Chevy Suburban is a top tailgaterFor an experience tailgater, you need a vehicle that has space, utility, but still looks cool while sitting in the parking lot. After all, you’ll need room to carry a grill, your 6 friends, and as many foam fingers as possible. took all of this reasoning into account when naming the 2013 Chevy Suburban to their Top Tailgating Units list for 2013.

The 2013 Suburban has one of the largest cabins among any passenger SUV in the world. It has enough room for 9 fans plus coolers, grills and all the necessary hot dogs. The Suburban has more cargo space than a minivan and looks undeniably cooler rolling up into the tailgating lot.

Although it has room for it, no need to carry any extra music equipment to the next game. The Suburban is available with the Bose premium audio system that booms through 10 Centerpoint speakers with Digital Amplification. You’ll be designated DJ at every tailgate party.

The Chevrolet Suburban was one of America’s first SUV and it’s still the best. Drive it to your next tailgate and you’ll always be taking home a winner.

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