The Smartest Chevy Yet

Volt Charging Station at Fred Caldwell ChevroletOur cars are getting smarter and smarter by the year. Each new model that Chevrolet cranks out advances technology one step further than the last, and next year’s Chevy Volt is no different. Already built with more technology than any other Chevrolet, the new Volt is enhancing its already intuitive plug-in system.

Chevy is teaming up with TimberRock Energy Solutions to create a smart grid technology enhanced by solar panels. The new EV system plans to power the Volt through solar power. It will be the first “real-world” use of General Motor’s OnStar smart grid technology.

General Motors’ manager of renewable energy Rob Threlkeld says the future of EV charging lies within renewable energy and battery storage. The new solar charging canopies with integrated storage in the new Volt utilize both of these to make a more efficient and environmentally friendly vehicle.

For more information on the new Volt or to recharge your Volt, stop into Fred Caldwell Chevrolet. We have our very own charging station available right at the dealership.

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