Bumblebee’s Back: 2014 Custom Camaro Ready for Transformers 4

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2010 Bumblebee CamaroThe Chevy Camaro has been a key player in the Transformers series starring Shia Labeouf and his car companion “Bumblebee” for almost seven years. Multiple models have been used throughout the film including the 1967 Camaro SS, 2010 Transformers Edition Camaro, and most recently a 2014 Camaro Concept.

Last February, Director Michael Bay announced that there would be a Transformers 4. Almost a year later, Chevrolet revealed their refreshed 2014 Camaro. With more than 500 horses and a chiseled style, the new Camaro was yet again a perfect fit for the notorious character of Bumblebee.

However, Bays decided to tweak the new Camaro for its Transformers 4 debut. The 2014 Camaro Concept used in Transformers 4 has a thinner grille and slimmer LED headlights that look like half open eyes. Bumblebee will squat lower than before and will show aggressiveness from the inside out. Check out Bays’ website for pictures of the Camaro Concept.

Look for the 2014 Camaro Concept in the upcoming Transformers 4 film slated for next summer. Until then, stop by Fred Caldwell Chevy to check out some of our Special Edition Camaros!

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