Summer Road Trip Tips

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Summer Road Trip TipsIn honor of our recent Summer Sweepstakes contest, we wanted to provide you with some helpful summer road trip tips. Road trips are fun, exciting, and full of memories, but to avoid any major roadside setbacks, remember the following before, during, and after your trip:

  • Before: Service your vehicle, make a list, double check your packed bags, and don’t forget the camera! Getting your oil changed and fluids check will save you time and money during your trip! Also, make sure you’ve got all the necessary items to make your trip memorable.
  • During: Take lots of pictures, fill up before the gas light comes on, relax, and build in rest days. Give yourself, your family, and your car a days rest in between long travel days. Make sure you have enough gas to get you through the countryside and stop and take pictures at scenic areas.
  • After: Rest up, reflect, and recharge for the next trip! Although vacations are intended to be relaxing, chances are you and your car are tuckered out after the trip. Reflect on the trip and the memories that were made. Also, keep an eye on your car to make sure everything is in good running order for your daily commutes back to work.

We hope you all are enjoying your summer and will take some time to relax! Whether that’s taking a simple ride to the local pool or a cross-country road trip, we hope you all have a fantastic summer!

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