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2014 Chevrolet CorvetteAnd it’s better than you thought. Since the unveiling of the 2014 Stingray in January, GM execs have promised this Corvette to be the most capable standard sports car ever. Well the numbers are in, and GM definitely lived up to their promises.

Here’s the breakdown of the new Corvette Stingray performance specs:

  • 0-60mph in just 3.8 seconds
  • Go a quarter mile in just 12 seconds (119mph)
  • Lapped the Virginia International Raceway (4.2 miles) in 2:51.78

The Corvette Stingray that was track tested was outfitted with the Z51 performance package that carries an electronic limited-slip differential, special brake cooling systems, and an aero package that helps stabilize the ‘Vette at high speeds.

The Z51 model will be available alongside the base Stingray in dealerships starting in December. The standard 2014 Stingray will pull 455 horsepower and include a carbon-fiber hood, eight inch touch-screen in-dash infotainment system with 9 Bose speakers playing Sirius XM radio. For more information on the new Stingray visit your friendly representatives at Fred Caldwell Chevrolet.


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