Making it to the 250K Mile Milestone

Making it to 250,000 milesOn average, a new vehicle spends 10.8 years on the road achieving 162,000 lifetime miles. However, some drivers are able to run their vehicle over the 250,000 mile mark and still have a car that drives like new. So, what’s the key to vehicle longevity? Fred Caldwell Chevy provides some tips that can help your car stay healthy even after rolling over the 200,000 mile marker.

  1. Keeping your vehicle in shape- Like people, cars operate better when they stay healthy. Make sure you keep up to date on oil changes, tire rotations, fluid check and filter changes.
  2. Discover a mechanic who cares- Finding a good mechanic and sticking with them for the duration of your car’s life has proven many benefits. The dependable service technicians at Fred Caldwell Chevrolet provide a long-lasting service like no other.
  3. Be a conscious driver- Smoother drivers have less transmission, gear, and power train issues. Also, take care of your car by parking in the shade and warming up the engine on cold days. These driver fixes can extend the life of your car tremendously.
  4. Keep it clean- from the inside out, make sure your car is spic and span. Washing your car can delay rust and water spots. Cleaning the inside can help you avoid normal wear and tear and seatbelts and seats. It’s also a good idea to get your car professionally detailed every once in awhile.

Most people count on their car like an old friend. By taking care of your car you can make that friendship last at least 250,000 miles, maybe even more.

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