Chevy powers “Turbo” – A Snail with a Racing Dream

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Turbo Camaro CoupeWho says snails can’t race in the Indy 500? DreamWorks Animation and Chevrolet have teamed up to make this dream a reality. The full-length movie will be released on July 17th in 3D in theaters across the United States.

Chevrolet and DreamWorks worked together to create genuine racing components in the animated movie. Chevrolet designers consulted with DreamWorks to create animated versions of the Camaro and other Chevrolet Indy cars seen in the movie. The Chevrolet “bowtie” logo is also seen at various parts throughout the film.

DreamWorks Animation’s Chief Marketing Officer Anne Globe said partnering with Chevy gave the movie raving authenticity. “In a film about a slow snail who dreams of being fast, who better than Chevrolet to give our hero his first taste of high-speed driving on the open road?”

Turbo the movieIn honor of the movie, Chevrolet created a real-life replica of the custom Camaros that are seen in “Turbo”. To learn more about the little snail with a big dream, visit Contact Fred Caldwell Chevrolet with any questions about the special edition Camaros.

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