3 apps to dissolve distracted driving

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Apps to prevent distracted drivingAs technology develops we find ourselves in a mess of distractions behind the wheel. Whether it’s fiddling with the iPod to play our favorite song, coordinating plans with friends via text messages, or trying to locate the nearest gas station on our GPS, our hands are tied doing everything but driving. However, technology can be a cure to distracted driving, too! Check out the following smartphone apps that prevent distracted driving.

  1. AT&T DriveMode- This app blocks all incoming and outgoing calls, internet browsing, and text messages   while the car is in motion. It also sends an automatic text message to anyone who texts you during the drive.
  2. Drive Safe.ly- Drive Safe.ly is an app that reads texts and e-mails aloud to the driver in real-time. It will also automatically respond without the driver removing their hands from the wheel.
  3. SafeCell- Safe Cell rewards users for being safe drivers. Drivers get points every time they use the app while the vehicle is in motion and can redeem those points for giftcards. The App engages once the vehicle travels faster than 5 mph. It also provides information on local cell phone laws, any time the driver has entered a school zone, and disables calls and text messages.

There are more apps out there that help prevent distracted driving. Visit the Apple store or Android Apps on Google Play to decide on an app today. It could save a life!

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