2014 Impala will offer Valet Mode

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2014 Chevrolet ImpalaDo you ever wonder if the valet has been snooping through your things or taking your precious car for a little spin?  If so, you will probably benefit from the new 2014 Impala, which offers the perfect solution for such a dilemma: valet mode.

Valet mode is a new system that works in conjunction with the new MyLink infotainment system.  It uses a PIN to lock the infotainment screen into place, protecting the storage area hidden behind it and blocking access to your data stored in the MyLink system such as addresses and phone numbers.  The locked storage area behind the retractable screen is the perfect place to keep your wallet or purse, iPod, extra cash or anything valuable you wouldn’t want to get stolen.

This kind of innovative technology is what the new generation of car buyers are looking for and GM is ready to provide it.  Keep your eyes open, the 2014 Impala with available valet mode will be showing up in our showroom, at Fred Caldwell Chevrolet, early this spring.

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